Primary Day. Vote. For What Matters to YOU.

It’s Primary Day here in California!   Vote, because you CAN make a difference.  Vote for what is best for YOU and what you stand for.

Do not be swayed by useless rhetoric.  There seems to be a lot of that going around.  Do not vote because some party tells you to.  Do not vote because of what others are doing.

Consider what truly matters to YOU.  Look for candidates who support who and what you believe in.

And look beyond the words.   There are a lot of smooth talkers, some career politicians, some capitalizing on the fact that many are fed up with career politicians.   Just see what they are really doing.  With the internet that’s pretty easy.  I certainly had an interesting time with Google looking up all the state and local candidates last night.

But no matter what…never ever lose faith in the importance of your part in the political process.  It may not be perfect, but it is what we have and it is most certainly better than what much of the world has.  Many fought and died so you can vote today.  Many struggle in other lands, just to be able to go to the polls and make their choice.

Do not take Freedom for granted.  Do not let the rights won for you go to waste.




Why Jar Jar?

So why am I using the image of Jar Jar Binks?  Well, any Star Wars fan will point out that it was Jar Jar’s speech to the Imperial Senate that convinced people who were supposed to be the best and brightest in the galaxy to hand over absolute rule to Chancellor Palpatine.  In short, appealing rhetoric led to an upheaval of political stability that led rise to an evil Empire and hurled thousands of worlds and billions of lives into darkness.

Am I addressing this towards anyone in particular?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Perhaps it is best I borrow from another science fiction franchise and say, “All this has happened before.  And will happen again.

Do not let history repeat itself.